First Aid Policy

This policy is about the provision of effective first aid at <insert business name>.

<Insert business name> is committed to the provision of an effective first aid service to protect the health and safety of all workers and others who may be affected by accidents, incidents or injuries arising from the work carried out.

First Aid Management Priorities
As priorities, <insert business name> will ensure that:

• It complies with the approved Code of Practice on First Aid in the Workplace under section 274 of the WHS Act.
• The particular hazards of the workplace are taken into account when equipping and staffing the first aid service.
• Adequate equipment, facilities and supplies are provided as required for the first aid service.
• Suitable personnel are appointed to staff the first aid service.
• First aiders receive suitable training.
• Appropriate recording systems are established to record treatment provided.
• These records will be used to guide the development of strategies to prevent work-related injury and illness.
• Appropriate arrangements will be made for the transportation of injured people.
• Training will be provided in skills to maintain basic life support in the case of critical injury.

Manager Responsibility
The Manager is responsible, within the scope of their authority, for ensuring that:
• The objectives of this policy are integrated into work practices.
• Effective action is taken to ensure the organisation’s first aid service is appropriate for workplace needs.

Worker and Contractor Responsibility
Workers & contractors are responsible for cooperating with the giving and receiving of first aid, as needed.

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