Staff turnover is expensive, and with remuneration representing one of the largest financial investments an organisation will make each year, it is essential that companies get it right.

Secure the support of the specialist team at Remuneration+ who will guide & support you in implementing the following three remuneration strategies:

1.    Executive remuneration reviews and benchmarking reviews: for CEOs, executives, senior                          management and professional positions, including specialist roles. 
•      As independent expert providers of executive remuneration services, Wentworth Advantage can            guide you on how to update your remuneration framework & align it with performance                           outcomes
•     Advice on remuneration strategy, policy and structure to create systems that are competitive,                 motivating & administratively straight-forward
•     Fixed remuneration, retention strategies including appointment and severance negotiations
•     Industry remuneration benchmarking 

2.    Annual incentive plan structures: advice on performance criteria, target and maximum payment            levels as well as deferral and clawback provision 
•      Let Wentworth Advantage guide you as to which type of incentive plan is best to motivate your              top employees

3.    Board fee reviews: benchmarking Board fee levels, including Chairman and Director retainer fees         & honorariums; Committee Chairman and fees for ad-hoc engagements

Get your remuneration settings right
Contact the team at Remuneration+ to help your organisation with its Remuneration Policy, including:
•   Market positioning: factors to consider when positioning your company’s remuneration policy
•   Fixed pay and benefits: types of flexible benefits applicable to jobs and sectors
•   Short and long-term incentives: type and prevalence of incentives, job, employee & industry                   specific incentives and practices
•   Pay mix: the proportion of fixed pay and incentives within the total pay mix 
•   Strategic and customised analysis: we can conduct tailored analysis to find out more about the              relationship between your company’s pay and age, gender, seniority or other pertinent factors              within your organisation.

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