Wentworth Advantage releases preliminary results of member survey

Jul 22nd, 2018

Launched in November 2017, Essential Management TV was developed to fill the gap between the technical and the additional staff management responsibilities that all managers deal with daily. It has been a resounding success and Wentworth Advantage is currently conducting qualitative research into the effectiveness of EMTV. Some of the feedback received so far include comments such as;

“I found the modules comprehensive yet simple to follow.” (Dental Practice Manager WA)

“It’s not an MBA but gosh if you stick to it you get results!” (Vet Practice Manager NSW)

“This comes as part of our annual subscription to our Association and the fact that we didn’t pay extra is fantastic.” (Principle Chiropractic Clinic QLD)

“I love the fact that each topic addresses a management skill which makes it easy to find the answers you need.” (Dental Practice Manager VIC)

Below are some case studies

  1. A Practice Manager of a dental surgery in Tasmania was having problems with staff not doing as she asked. She contacted our Help Desk Advisors and after some careful analysis of the issues, was directed to the topics “How to Manage Teams”, “How to Motivate People” and “How to Improve Your Communication Skills”. She now reports that she is feeling much more confidant in her role and that her relationship with her staff has improved remarkably.
  2. Our Help Desk Advisors were contacted by a vet who had recently started his own practice. He was finding it a challenge to work in the practice and manage his staff effectively at the same time. After some discussion to pinpoint the exact issues, he was shown the topics “How to Delegate Successfully” and “How to Manage Your Time”. He now has systems in place that free him up to do the work that he needs to do.
  3. The Principle of a large Architectural firm was having issues with morning staff meetings running over time. In discussion with our Help Desk Advisors he was able to identify the concerns; namely that staff were not succinct and the participants tended to lose interest and focus. He also had a senior staff member who was often disruptive and was not sure how to move forward. Topic 7 “How to Manage Meetings” helped him to follow through with changes to the way he conducted the meetings and he reports that now the meetings are short, dynamic and finish on time.
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