Wentworth Advantage launches Essential Management TV

Nov 30th, 2017

Being a Manager today is far more than just being technically sound at doing your job. Peter F. Drucker, the American management writer states that … “So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.”  Well, it needn’t be.

Essential Management TV has been developed to fill the gap between the technical and the additional staff management responsibilities. The program comprises of 12 topics from improving your communication skills to managing time, meetings, crises, teams and more.
This program has been developed for your staff who want practical, comprehensive and easily-accessible management training. It will provide them with the skill-set that will be in high demand for their current and future career.
Topic 1: How to Improve Your Communication Skills
Good quality communication is the lifeblood of a business. What connects all communication forms is the need to convey a clear and concise message. In this topic you are encouraged to use communication as a tool to effectively handle information and ultimately to improve relationships.

Topic 2: How to Manage Your Time
We all see ourselves as being quite reasonable in the area of time management. It isn’t until we actually sit down and analyse how we use our time that we identify the amount of time that’s actually wasted. This topic will show you how to achieve greater efficiencies by reallocating your time in a more effective way.

Topic 3: How to Make Decisions
Before you can even begin to reach the stage where you are regularly making the right decisions in most situations, it’s important for you to start to understand a few of the fundamental concepts about decisions and decision-making.

Topic 4: How to Delegate Successfully
As businesses grow and become increasingly complex, duties and responsibilities become less well defined and vagueness and ambiguity become the norm. This topic will show that good quality delegation will become your key to improving efficiency and by clarifying communication, will benefit all.

Topic 5: How to Motivate People
Motivation is the desire to act. Several different influences and forces motivate everyone. A good manager should realise this and influence their staff to align their own motivations with the needs of the organisation. This topic will show that good managers recognise and reward good work. Staff will achieve better results this way than they would if threatened with drastic measures for bad work.

Topic 6: How to Manage Teams
Teamwork is the foundation of successful management. One of the most important roles that a manager has is to manage their team well. This topic will teach you what it means to manage a team well and describes features that successful teams demonstrate.

Topic 7: How to Manage Meetings
This topic will encourage you to ask yourself how many meetings that you attend, really serve a useful purpose. Interestingly, if you were to consider the true cost of meetings, you might arrange and attend fewer of them!

Topic 8: How to Present Successfully
Most of us would like to be more confident when we make presentations. This topic outlines preparation, delivery, as well as tips in handling questions and hostile audiences.

Topic 9: How to Negotiate Successfully
This section will introduce you to the basics of negotiation. You will learn that negotiation involves two or more parties who each have something the other party wants. You will begin to understand the process of bargaining in order to reach agreement.

Topic 10: How to Plan Successfully
Planning is essential to running any successful operation. As the saying goes, "If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you have arrived"?

Topic 11: How to Manage Crises
Running an organisation is not always seamless. Emergencies will occur, staff will be less than exemplary, and sometimes as a manager you will need to deal with the media. Below are some helpful tips.

Topic 12: How to Improve Organisational Effectiveness
Organisations are constantly changing. With this change comes the opportunity to improve effectiveness, from the use of such techniques as Total Quality Management to Reengineering. Find out how to apply these principles.

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