Are You Exposing Yourself Legally?

Mar 26th, 2018

I am worried by what I see in today’s business climate. Small businesses don’t seem to understand their legal exposure and are not doing enough to respond to the risk. There seems to be an ongoing level of disregard for the current employment law legislation. In 2016-17 the Fair Work Commission received over 11,000 unfair dismissal claims. Just last week our HR Help Desk, that services our Association members who run their own small businesses, dealt with 3 unfair dismissal claims, 1 case of adverse action and a senior redundancy that was done with no understanding of the legal obligations under the Act. We are putting out fires left right and centre. Why are SMEs struggling so much in this space? Are they ignorant of the laws or are they saying it’s all just too hard? I would like to share with you our eBook ‘Workplace Relations Laws – Solving the 5 Key Challenges for Your Members’. 


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