SEEK jobs advertisements reach record volumes

Sep 21st, 2017

Seek has recorded the highest number of job ads and highest year on year advertisement growth since 2010. Data has revealed that the sectors that represent the greatest job ads are within the information and communication technology and healthcare and medical sectors. Compared to 2016, job advertisements have increased by 13.2 per cent and are predicted to strengthen over the next six months. This data trend represents an improving labour market and is indicative of a positive economic movement.

There is an increasing difference in the rate of growth between full-time and non-full-time job advertising such as part-time, casual and contract roles on SEEK, with non-full-time jobs growing at an exceeding rate. This increase suggests that employers are witnessing the improvement in economic conditions and now actively seek to meet these demands by increasing staffing levels. However, this preference for non-full-time employees suggests that there is still a degree of uncertainty as to whether this improvement in the labour market will last.

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