Case Study – Strategic Planning Workshop


Well known as manufacturers of quality workstation systems, this commercial interior company also provides complete office furniture solutions. Offering a depth of experience and expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of workstations, office furniture and storage solutions, they also provide a full range of ergonomic and conference seating. With five locations around Australia and with over 140 staff (permanent & contractors), this company was well-positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities.

The Problem

The company has an enviable reputation, strong systems and a respected position within the market. The question was – whereto from here? They were ready to take the next step – to get to ‘the next level’, however, they had no ‘roadmap’ to guide them forward.

They really needed to do some strategic planning. Their research led them to Wentworth Advantage.

The Solution

Wentworth Advantage met with the senior leadership team and determined that the best strategy to move the company forward was to develop a Strategic Plan. This had not been done for many years. In order to ensure ownership of the Plan, Wentworth Advantage were retained to facilitate a Strategic Planning Workshop, and following the workshop, to collate the results and compile a Strategic Planning Report.

The seven key areas addressed in the Workshop were:

    1. SWOT analysis

    2. Identification of the ‘4 Key Strategies

    3. Identification of required activities

    4. Identification of key barriers

    5. Identification of gaps in service delivery

    6. Clarification of accountabilities, dates & measures

    7. A review of organisational structure

The Outcome

The strategic planning workshop was effective for developing a strategic planning process for the business. It identified and developed a business growth model that will drive the organisation forward for the next two - three years that encourages and fosters both:

    1. New client growth, and

    2. Existing client retention

which are mission critical for any client-service based organisation. By addressing both, the company is assured of not only its ongoing existence and survival, but it will certainly prosper and grow.

The Strategic Planning Workshop also provided all members of the senior management team with an opportunity to voice an opinion and provide a high-level contribution to the on-going development and growth of the business. All too often, senior staff are caught-up in more mundane operational issues. The workshop format ensured a much higher level of senior management team ownership in the strategy development and associated implementation. This was particularly important for the new members of the team.

What was most important over the months following the Workshop, was for each sub-committee to:

    a. Revisit their particular goal or area of responsibility that was developed in the Workshop and really start ‘beefing it out’. Given the time constraints on the day, it was recommended that each sub-committee more fully document / outline what they plan to do – and importantly, include specific accountabilities and time frames. Specific, measurable objectives were to be included – with associated quarterly milestones.

    b. Implement the plan that they have developed

    c. Report back on their progress, against their quarterly milestones to the senior management team.

    d. Be held accountable for achieving the goals that they established at the beginning of the period.

By doing this, the interior design company continues to not only consolidate its position in the market, but it will build upon the hard work that has been invested in the past.

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