Senior recruitment projects


One of Australia’s largest Divisions of General Practice were seeking the services of a new Chief Executive Officer. As a Regional Training Provider (RTP) they offer the Australian General Practice Training program (AGPT) to General Practice registrars in their region. As a provider of Division of General Practice services they offer education, support and networking activities to General Practice in their divisional area.

The Problem

In deciding how they were going to fill the position, the Division had the advantage of having a highly skilled, well-qualified and competent internal applicant. The Division, however, wanted to ensure that the best possible applicant secured the position; not just the best internal applicant. They therefore needed to secure the services of a specialist external recruitment provider. By using an independent external provider, the Division wanted to ensure that the best possible person got the job – irrespective of whether they were an internal or external applicant.

Their research led them to Wentworth Advantage.

The Solution

A comprehensive recruitment strategy was developed for the Division, comprising of the following ten steps:

  1. Recruitment strategy meeting, including the development of the Assignment Specification
  2. Development of media strategy and writing the advertisements for the national advertising campaign
  3. Co-ordinate advertisement response
  4. Develop & implement an Executive Search strategy - which will ensure that quality applicants are made aware of the position and enticed to apply for the role. The Search strategy complemented the advertising strategy and ensured that the best possible applicants were considered for the role – not just the best applicant who happens to be looking for a job when the advertisement was placed.
  5. Culling of applications
  6. This was achieved by: -

    • A detailed telephone interview
    • Detailed resume analysis
    • Face-to-face interviews with the top eight candidates – utilising the Behavioural Interviewing technique
    • Second interviews with the top six candidates.
    • Board of Directors to meet the final two applicants.
  7. Development of appropriate interview questions, Interview Guide and interview panel training
  8. DiSC Behavioural Profiles on shortlisted candidates
  9. Reference Checks on shortlisted candidates
  10. Negotiation of offer & drafting of legally-compliant Contract of Employment
  11. Finalise correspondence

The Outcome

After a highly comprehensive and exhaustive recruitment process, the Division ended up selecting and appointing the internal applicant. The Board of the Division were confident that they had selected the strongest applicant in the market, as well as ensuring that they had met their governance obligations for running both a thorough and transparent process. This individual has now been in the role for a number of months, and has settled down well into the role.

Key benefits of HR+
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  • Strategy.
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