A range of business support that helps you grow

What is Business+?

Business+ is a tailored service for associations and franchise groups to assist their members improve the management, performance and profitability of their businesses.

Business+ provides accurate, relevant and tailored business and management support on a range of issues affecting Australian small business, including business strategy, financial management, marketing, legal, tax and strategy.

We help businesses (who are often working in isolation with limited input from external business development resources) feel supported and understood.

How does Business+ work?

Business+ includes three integrated elements:

  • Business Hotline: Support from an expert Business Coach. We don’t believe in automated answering systems so, when you call, you’ll speak to a real person.
  • Reference manual and technical resources: A helpful guide, tailored to your specific business needs, that includes: checklists, summaries and guides to assist your members to start, run and grow their businesses.
  • Education and training program:
    • The provision of contemporary business and management articles for your newsletters and publications.
    • A national training and seminar program on relevant business and management topics, to help your members or franchisees start, run and grow their business.

What does Business+ include?

Business+ is carefully monitored and performance is measured against pre-determined standards negotiated between you and Wentworth Advantage. We call them Business+ Service Delivery Standards and Protocols.

We also provide you with highly detailed and comprehensively analysed Monthly Reports, showing who is using the resources. This allows you to track patterns, issues and concerns and develop strategies to resolve them.

Business+ includes the full range of business support materials including:

  • Getting started in your business.
  • Writing your business plan.
  • Raising finance.
  • Establishing a suitable business structure.
  • Financial management.
  • Technology.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Marketing, sales and communications.
  • Steering your business to peak performance.
  • Insurance.
  • Financial planning.
  • Taxation.
  • Superannuation.
  • Risk management.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Wellness and pro-active health management.
  • Government assistance.
  • Setting up and managing a home office.
  • Planning for retirement.
  • Selling your business.
  • Insolvency.

What types of businesses benefit from Business+?

Both membership-based associations and franchises that meet the following criteria will benefit from Business+:

  • Members run small-sized businesses.
  • Members are geographically dispersed.
  • The association or franchise doesn’t have an in-house business management advisory service.

Why choose Business+?

The core benefits of the service are:

  • Provides regular support to existing members/franchisees, reminding them of the ongoing importance and value of their membership.
  • Encourages new members/franchisees to join.
  • Offers a fully tailored solution for your industry/business.
  • Branded as your association/franchise. (E.g. Business Hotline answered in your name and resources branded with your logo.)
  • Provides a cost-effective alternative to in-house business management support.

In summary, Wentworth Advantage Business+ works. You’ll observe that Business+ will become an extension of your members and franchisees businesses. In fact they’ll wonder how they ever managed without it!


If you’d like to review a broad range of case studies of clients who currently use Business+ or you would like to learn more about how Wentworth Advantage could help your business, contact us today.

Key benefits of HR+
  • Access to Business Hotline.
  • Comprehensive reference manual & technical resources
  • Training programs.
  • Regular support.
  • Own branding.
  • Cost effective.
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